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Today’s Opinions

An attempt to get the Washington County Commissioners to approve the $14.9 million Bluestone Sports Complex originally was defeated by a 12-2 vote at their Aug. 15 meeting. Commissioners at that time changed their minds only enough to approve funding for about eight percent of the project.

It took the commissioners over two hours to deliberate last Thursday, but in the end they voted to go ahead with the project.

I feel like we have reached a point where we have many people who want to be involved in setting the course for the future of our city. We have people who want to be involved in the city, and we have people who just want to be involved.

One of the things I appreciate about Lebanon, or more specifically American Legion Post 141, is their support of community programs and events.

When I attended the American Legion’s dedication ceremony last Monday night, Aug. 7, I felt, and looked, like an old man.

Second in a series

The following is the second of a series of three columns about the year in public education in Washington County.

The school district budget is big news at any time, but it’s even bigger news at a time when the overall public school budget was cut in half.

When Washington County schools started taking effect of Act 9, in 2013, the new school budget was $68 million. Now it’s $31 million.

This means local school boards in Washington County have lost $37.6 million in the past two years, and they have $11.8 million in excess salaries.

No grand design. No grand goal. Maybe even a mistake. But what I’m seeing as I keep traveling through the various offices at Washington County in the past month is that the commissioners are doing what they can to make every office

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Why are these linear functions convex?

Why are these linear functions convex?

I know that if $f(x)=x$ and $g(x)=ax^2+bx$ then $f(x)+g(x)=x^2+(a+b)x+\frac{ab}{a+b}$ is convex in $x$. I’m not able to see if the above functions are convex in any other way.


We have $$f(x)+g(x)=2x+a$$
and by convexity of $f(x)$ the function in the r.h.s. is convex.
Can you conclude?


Q: Advice for creating a C++ class library for Qt5

I have a self-made class library written in C++


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